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Seychelles tourism trade interested in receiving Chinese tourists

Seychelles tourism trade interested in receiving Chinese tourists

A delegation of the Seychelles private sector interested in receiving Chinese tourists joined Jean-Luc LaiLam and Huanhuan Lee the island’s Tourism Board Managers for China at COTTM, the Chinese Tourism Trade Fair in Beijing this week.

Elsia Grandcourt, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, accompanied by Stephanie Lablache, Amy Michel, and Glynn Burridge, all in China for the Routes Asia in Chengdu all then moved onto Beijing to participate at the COTTM alongside the Seychelles tourism private sector delegation.

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture also joined the Seychelles delegation at the China Tourism Trade Fair, the COTTM, after participating in a series of official meetings with the Chinese authorities.

The following Seychelles private sector businesses and tourism establishments were in China for the COTTM Tourism Trade Fair, saying they wanted to work to develop and consolidate this market for Seychelles:

- Constance Hotels, Ms. Vivienne Ho - [email protected] /


- Creole Travel Services, Ms. Helen Pillay - [email protected] /

- Mason’s Travel, Ms. Noella Gappy - [email protected] /

- 7 Degrees South, Mrs. Anna Butler Payette - [email protected] /

- Sainte Anne Resort&Spa, Mr. Koogen Vythelingum - [email protected] /

- Dhevatara Beach Hotel, Mr. Rene Squires - [email protected] /

- Desroches Island, Ms. Amanda Lang - [email protected] /

- Berjaya Hotels&Resorts, Ms. Johnette Labiche - [email protected] /

“It was a great experience being at the COTTM and to see the interest for Seychelles,” Minister Alain St.Ange said at the fair itself.

Seychelles is seeing a remarkable increase in visitor arrival numbers from China, and this figure is now set to increase further because of the recent marketing drive by the island’s tourism industry.