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Seychelles State House launches Tourist Day

Seychelles State House launches Tourist Day

This “Tourist Day” has been introduced in order to attract foreign visitors to the State House, to learn more about the historical and natural heritage of the Seychelles and also to expand the possibilities of cultural tourism in the country.

The launch this morning was attended by the management and staff of the Seychelles Tourism Board, as well as a wide variety of tourism trade partners such as the management of destination management companies and airlines, as well as large and small hotels. They were given a guided tour of the State House and its gardens and monuments, just as future tourist visitors would experience.

The Chairman of the Seychelles Tourism Board and also Secretary of State in President’s Office, Barry Faure, thanked the tourism trade partners for the interest shown in the initiative and expressed his wish for active collaboration with them.

“We need the support of the tourism industry to promote this initiative and make it a success. It is our hope that each tourism operator can recommend this tour to their clients. The State House is a national monument that many Seychellois have been able to discover this year as part of the centenary celebrations, and now we wish to expand this and give tourists the opportunity to do the same,” said Mr. Faure.

Mr. Faure said that State House had organized Open Days for the general public since mid-February 2011, taking place every Friday. To date, the State House has welcomed around 5,000 Seychellois visitors who have shown much interest to visit this unique historical site.


The Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Alain St.Ange, said that he welcomed the State House tourism initiative and called on the tourism trade to actively engage in the promotion of the State House as part of the Seychelles brand, where the diversification of tourist activities and emphasis on cultural tourism would enrich the offers available to visitors during their stay in Seychelles.

The tourism trade partners gave their feedback on the visit and expressed their commitment to promotion the guided tours to their clients.