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Seychelles rallies to protect its tourism safety label

Seychelles rallies to protect its tourism safety label

The Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, has announced that Seychelles will continue to guarantee and to ensure that Seychelles remains the safe destination it is.  Minister St.Ange made this appeal in an interview with the local press alongside the Minister responsible for Home Affairs and Transport, Joel Morgan, to outline the government’s fight against any form of crimes in Seychelles, and they announced new measures to reinforce the islands’ security.

Minister St.Ange said: “Seychelles’ tourism assets - its beauty and the diversity of its islands - constitute and continue to remain a significant attraction, but the most important asset of the country is its safety label. Any evidence of petty crimes impacts on the tourism industry, and this puts the Seychelles tourism safety label in danger.”

Minister St.Ange has appealed to every Seychellois to appreciate its tourism industry, and to understand its impact on the Seychelles economy.

“Every citizen and every partner in the Seychelles economy has a role to play to safeguard the island’s tourism industry. We cannot be complacent. When a visitor is robbed, it’s not only our tourism industry which suffers, but all the backup supporting sectors and all the industries that depend one way or another on this industry. Seychelles has always gone the extra mile to guarantee the safety of its destination. Today I call for a concerted effort of all stakeholders to continue to work together to not only defend, but to also continue to protect, the Seychelles tourism industry,” the Minister added.

Minister St.Ange explained that Seychelles cannot, and should never lose, its safety label.


“Tourism is everybody’s business. Every Seychellois can help build, and every Seychellois can help consolidate, this industry, but every Seychellois can also help to destroy this industry. It is an undeniable fact that Seychelles’ economy relies on tourism. Seychelles’ tourism safety label must be preserved and shielded from any negative effects. Our destination must continue to maintain its brand of being safe for its visitors,” Minister St.Ange concluded.