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Seychelles Minister in exclusivity in ttg tourism magazine

Seychelles Minister in exclusivity in ttg tourism magazine

The Seychelles Minister Alain St.Ange has given an exclusive interview to the ttgmena luxury magazine outlining his vision for the Seychelles tourism industry, the Seychelles accomplishments for becoming a high-class, world-reputed destination, and the way forward for the Seychelles tourism industry.

On the issue of the Seychelles, standing to position itself as a luxury destination, Minister St.Ange has made it clear that Seychelles has made a clean break with the concept of mass tourism, inducing travelers to indulge in a more “personalized travel experience.”

“For us, the art of people being able to find themselves, constitutes luxury travel. It is certainly not about mass tourism. We’re vehement in protecting against mass tourism, trying to direct a more personalized travel experience. We certainly aspire to control our numbers,”explained Minister St.Ange to ttgmena luxury magazine.

Questioning Seychelles’ vision to use big international events like the Carnaval International de Victoria and Seychelles Regatta to raise its profile as a tourism destination, Minister St.Ange said that Seychelles believes that each visitor needed to have the opportunity to meet Seychelles and to appreciate its culture.

“We believe in visitors meeting our habitants, celebrating with them, sharing our joy as a nation, and thereafter building a friendship; really getting to know each other and creating a lifelong bond. The Seychelles Regatta and Carnaval International de Victoria are perfect forums for this to happen … as this is when we express our heritage and culture, and the discerning tourist will certainly find themselves allured by the prospect of getting to know us.”


The interview conducted in the wake of his appointment as Minister in the government of Seychelles President James Michel, the former Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board outlined his visions, plans, and targets for making the Seychelles Tourism Board the instrument for promoting Seychelles as a tourism destination with a difference.

On a personal note, Minister St. Ange has emphasized the need to “forge through political matters in support of a sound tourism product … and the establishment of a tourism master plan that will see private sector and government working together.”

The article in the respected tourism magazine goes as far as to compliment Minister St.Ange on his art of speech, stating, “with gracious stroke of speech and colorful insight, Minister St. Ange paints a picture for ttgmena luxury of this island nation … behold its beauty.”