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Seychelles deems new holiday hotspot for Irish travelers

Seychelles deems new holiday hotspot for Irish travelers

After a first article on Mahe, Irish travel reporter, Robert Walshe, has brought readers in Ireland another two articles on the Seychelles islands of Praslin and La Digue – all putting forward the great attributes of the destination. The three articles – appearing as “Holiday Hotspots” on the travel page of the River Media newspapers – come after his hour-long program on Seychelles, which was broadcast across six radio stations in Ireland last month.

Walshe had a taste of Seychelles in July, and within one month of going back home, he started to do some solid promotions for the islands on the Q Radio network. The Seychelles-dedicated program included a number of interviews with hotel and tourism business operators, as well as with the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St Ange, and the Minister for Energy and Environment, Rolph Payet.

On Praslin, Walshe stayed at the Coco De Mer and Black Parrot Suites, L’Archipel, and Raffles hotels, three products which he wrote highly about, and also had a tour of the island with destination management company, Creole Travel Services.

He also visited and had lunch at Lemuria Resort, among other highlights of his visit on that island.

From the island of the famous Coco-de-Mer nut, Walshe spent one eventful day on La Digue, which he described as having “lush green and picture-perfect tropical vegetation and magnificent palm streets.”


He ended up discovering one of his best spots in the world on La Digue as he got acquainted with some of the island’s most acclaimed heritage treasures.

He stayed at the new Paodise Guesthouse and had lunch at Le Domaine de l’Orangeraie – two products which he described as “exceptional.”

The La Digue trip also included a visit at Chateau St. Cloud and a trip to some of the most photographed beaches of the island. These beaches have been rated as among the most beautiful in the world by travel experts.

Walshe has also given coverage to other services and sites in his articles and informed readers of the flight options and prices of air fares to Seychelles.

Commenting on the series of articles by Walshe in the Irish press, the Seychelles’ Tourism and Culture Minister, Alain St Ange, said that Seychelles gains so much in terms of visibility and media coverage when it invests in good press trips like this one.

“Today, we have press from all over the world writing about us, but it benefits us even more when we have journalists who have experienced the destination and they go back and write about us,” he said.

“Their stories become real life stories, and the readers get to see the destination through their eyes. The visibility and exposure we get from them are huge compared to what we invest in their trip. I maintain that we must continue to work with the press for that very reason.

“Walshe’s articles and radio program have boosted our marketing in Ireland, and we will continue to work with him throughout the year to continue to get the destination on the airwaves and in the press in that market.”