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Seychelles and China sign donation agreement to confer collection of photographs

Seychelles and China sign donation agreement to confer collection of photographs

China has agreed to hand over more than 60 photographs: a collection of snapshots of Seychelles as seen by Chinese professional photographers. It was the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, and the Vice Chairperson of Shanxi photographers Association, Zong Cheng Gao, who signed a donation agreement, to confer the photographic artwork to Seychelles Department of Culture.

The signing of the agreement appears to be a significant concession to Seychelles as the ground is paved for the collection of original photographs, which constitute “Seychelles Through the Eyes of Chinese photographers” exhibition - on display in Taiyuan Art Center of the Chinese province of Shanxi to now be registered as part of Seychelles National Arts’ collection.

Under this agreement, the Shanxi Photographers Association agrees to deliver proof of the photographs on CD for reference purposes and retain copyright of the photographs while granting the Department of Culture unlimited, but non-exclusive rights, to use or reproduce the photographs from this unique collection.

The agreement also set the precondition for the Shanxi Photographers Association to be notified by the Seychelles Culture Department to ensure accessibility to the collection.

The stock of photographs, of which samples are on display at La Bastille Building in the Seychelles remain a one-off version of Seychelles, captured by the lenses of 12 Chinese professional photographers in 2012.


The Vice Chairperson of the Shanxi Photographers Association, Zong Cheng Gao, said that “these photographs will further enhance the friendship between Seychelles and China.”

The Seychelles Minister St. Ange has thanked the Shanxi Photographers Association for its “interest in Seychelles and being our friends.”

The signing of the Donation Agreement took place in the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean Paul Adam, and the Chinese Ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles, Shi Zhongjun, in a reception at La Bastille - one of Seychelles’ National monuments where samples of the photographic collection were on display for the general public.