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Saudi Commission for Tourism boosts youth participation in industry

Saudi Commission for Tourism boosts youth participation in industry

Officials at the Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities (SCTA) have announced the availability of 400 job opportunities in tourism sector in the capital Riyadh.

The jobs were announced by SCTA within the framework of its joint efforts with the Human Resource Development Fund & National System for Joint Training.

SCTA urged young Saudis who wish to join the travel and tourism sector to attend an employment meeting at Madareem Crown Hotel this weekend.

Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al Washeel, director general of Takamul, said the SCTA and its partners have completed all preparations to receive youths who wish to join work in travel and tourism agencies.

In this regard he referred to the personal attention paid by His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, president of SCTA, to this program and his direct instructions for providing any necessary support to the partners to reach program’s key goal, regarding the Saudization of jobs in tourism’s various sectors through training and rehabilitating Saudis to join tourism sector jobs.

As for program features, Al Washeel said: “The program features serve both parties; the employee and the employer, including instant signing of employment contract by applicant before the start of training.

“The training period will be added to work tenure in social insurance as well as being accented to Saudization rate for the employed establishment.”

The applicants also will undergo ten-days training course, the expenses of which will be incurred by the Human Resource Development Fund, besides being rewarded by the Fund in accordance with its regulations.

The program subjects include learning general English language, specialised English language, computer skills, general skills for joining private sector and travel and tourism professions.

The trainee will be rewarded SR1500 a month during the training period.

At the end of the training course the trainee will be granted an accredited certificate in order to join the position for which he had signed the contract with a salary not less than SR4000 a month.

On the program conditions, ‘Takamul’ director said: “The program is directed to Saudi youth who are not less than 18 years of age and who have, at least, General Secondary School certificate.

“The most important condition is the applicant’s commitment to program’s full attendance, also the applicant must have valid copy of identification card and original educational qualification certificates.”

Applicants will be welcomed at the Madareem Crown Hotel in Riyadh from 08:30-14:00 on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th January.