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Rocco Forte Hotels reveals Map My Future careers app

Rocco Forte Hotels reveals Map My Future careers app

Rocco Forte Hotels has developed the new ‘Map My Future’ app as part of a competition set up by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, inviting hospitality and retail companies to present ideas for company projects and to apply for funding.

The funding was awarded to the projects that best demonstrated how their idea would benefit employees by supporting career progression and addressing skills gaps.

Spearheaded by Rocco Forte Hotels brand manager Irene Forte, ‘Map My Future’ seeks to tackle the industry-wide issues of high turnover rates and the skills gap.

In recognition of the potential of ‘Map My Future’, Rocco Forte Hotels was given £250,000 of government funding towards developing the app.

Rocco Forte Hotels is now working in partnership with leading industry charity, People 1st, and the corporate catering company, Artizian, to test the app and gain key insights into common needs in the industry.


“It is vital to ensure a strong pipeline of talent for the UK hospitality industry – an industry with such strong heritage and potential for growth,” said Forte.

“This exciting opportunity to develop the ‘Map My Future’ concept with the support of the UKCES has enabled us to look at our own Rocco Forte Hotels talent as a microcosm of the industry at large, and to strive to inspire ambition in young people.”

Map My Future provides employees with access to a company career map showing all the possible career paths beyond their role, as well as the training needed to progress.

They are able to set career goals, access relevant training content and receive job advice from specially trained career coaches 24 hours a day.

Learning time is flexible, and therefore not dependent on time restraints that are often imposed within the workplace, allowing all employees to benefit from the app no matter what shift or hours they work.