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Othman opens new location on Palm Jumeirah

Othman opens new location on Palm Jumeirah

Chef Reif Othman will open a new location in the Depachika Food Hall on the Palm Jumeirah this week.

A cake and chirashi counter will open in time for Eid, to be followed by a donburi pop-up that launches on May 29th and will operate every Friday and Saturday.

These two homegrown concept introductions are a prelude to the Kushi by Reif eatery that will open at Depachika in Nakheel Mall later this year.

The counter menu boasts 13 desserts with signature Japanese spin on classic comfort cakes, and for those with a savoury tooth, four cold chirashi bowls with a base of quinoa or brown rice topped with sashimi-style protein – available daily.

Meanwhile, the donburi weekend pop-up features six rice bowls served warm with a variety of toppings – on a limited offering of only 200 donburis per day (Friday and Saturday).


Trademark dishes from the menu include a Tori karaage donburi bowl brimming with crispy marinated chicken, Gyu donburi bowl with lightly seared Angus beef, and a vegetarian Nasu katsu curry donburi bowl with breaded eggplant.

“Every crisis also opens up opportunities.

“With demand for comfort food on the rise given the pandemic, I am keen to offer customers some savoury dishes and desserts now, as a taster of the Kushi by Reif concept that will launch later this year.

“Simple, classic cakes and Japanese rice bowls – all with my own trademark twist,” said chef-owner Reif Othman.