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Explore cutting edge British cuisine dating back to 1300’s right on the Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah

Explore cutting edge British cuisine dating back to 1300’s right on the Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal restaurant offers diners a cutting-edge take on historic British cuisine dating back to the 1300s. A rare gem for seasoned gastronomes and connoisseurs, this unique and stunning restaurant takes you on a delightful promenade through the kitchens of medieval Britain through contemporary eyes.

MICHELIN-star chef Heston Blumenthal embarked on a journey to create a menu that transports historical discoveries and fascinations into a new and evolving modern dining experience. His iconic and signature dishes such as the Meat Fruit, a playful mandarin and chicken liver parfait, and jovially named Tipsy Cake, a spit roast pineapple dessert circa 1810, are world-renowned.

Chef Heston Blumenthal
Insatiably curious and entirely self-taught, Heston Blumenthal has become famous for his unique, ground-breaking approach to the dining experience. Heston’s fascination with historic recipes began in early 2000. His curiosity has resulted in a book and a dedicated restaurant - Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, where he continues to create new dishes and drinks, playfully inspired by the ingenuity of historic events, in addition to ingredients and recipes from British heritage.

A truly creative mind that questions everything we take for commonplace, Heston Blumenthal has simply changed the way we approach and understand food and dining. An Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and awarded an OBE by her Majesty the Queen, for services to gastronomy, the work and achievements of Heston Blumenthal have been recognised worldwide.

Experience gastronomical creations inspired by British and European cuisine at Dinner by Heston. A celebrity chef that has won many awards including 2 Michelin Stars 2022
& AA Rosettes 2021

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