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New website to promote Czech tourism

New website to promote Czech tourism

The official tourism board of the Czech Republic, CzechTourism, has announced the launch of a brand new website.

With approximately 20,000 articles available in ten languages, the new site has a more modern look and has been made easier to navigate for users seeking Czech-based information and inspiration.

In addition, it acts as a marketing campaign tool and offers information to foreign tourists.

The basis of the platform, which brings the beauty of the Czech Republic closer to tourists, is new editorial material and updated text from the original website.


The project team was led by Pavlína Kvapilová, a consultant and former director of the ČT Nová media division.

The new website will also emphasise unique content reflecting current events, so that it will be the most useful tool for tourism management in the Czech Republic.

The foreign representatives of CzechTourism and the regional destination company participated in the preparation of the content, translations and proofreading of foreign language texts.

The next step will be to link the site to campaigns and add new functionalities.

The original website, which includes the expert professionals’ section, that will also be gradually modernised this year, will remain in operation.