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Czech RepubLIKE goes live

Czech RepubLIKE goes live

Officials at the switching Czech Republic tourist board have rebranded the organisation to make it more social media friendly.

Czech RepubLIKE, as it will now ben known, will be rolled out across social media platforms over the next few months, having made its debut on Facebook earlier.

Pavel Zelenka, chief executive of the designers behind the project, Marvil, told Radio Prague he sees it as a simple yet flexible concept that makes use of the current boom in social networking.

He added that the logo’s pun is aimed at younger generations:

“It is formally very simple and it can be easily used in various applications and it boosts creativity as well as ideas,” he explained

“The campaign is primarily aimed at naturally creative people, up to the age of 45.

Take a look below for a newly released video supporting the campaign: