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Natura Bisse and Beverly Wilshire launch a taste of Beauty

Natura Bisse and Beverly Wilshire launch a taste of Beauty

The luxury Spanish cosmetic company Natura Bissé and the legendary Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel are proud to announce the launch of “A Taste of Beauty” by Natura Bissé. This exclusive event is the evolution of a taste-based spa concept that unites both the spa and the table.

Known for its innovative beauty treatments such as the Diamond Experience, Natura Bissé has undertaken a unique collaboration with Beverly Wilshire combining gastronomy, luxury, beauty and technology. A Taste of Beauty is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together the beauty rituals created by Natura Bissé and the avant-garde cooking of Executive Chef Gilles Arzur to explore sensory experiences through culinary and beauty products. This delicious journey merges high-end cosmetics and cuisine to offer guests a “taste” of beauty.

What is a Taste of Beauty?

A Taste of Beauty by Natura Bissé is an experience beyond the senses. A truly extra-sensorial trip, A Taste of Beauty is an invitation to escape and plunge into a sublime world of beauty and cuisine that arouses all the senses. Natura Bissé and Beverly Wilshire have tapped into the limits of gastronomy, luxury, beauty and technology to explore the ways in which a veritable sensory experience could carry you beyond the limits. A Taste of Beauty is a fusion of tastes, aromas, tactile sensations, temperatures and colours. This singular event synchronizes all sensations that, without any eclipsing any other, makes each become one whole. The same script, the same participant, two scenes: the Spa and the cuisine.

A Taste of Beauty includes a 90-minute spa treatment followed by a specially prepared seven-course dinner by Chef Gilles in a private setting.


The Partnership of Natura Bissé and Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel

The Spa at Beverly Wilshire has begun an exclusive new partnership with Natura Bissé. At the only spa in Los Angeles to utilize Natura Bissé products, guests of the Hotel can enjoy a variety of unique treatments created specifically for The Spa including wraps, scrubs, massages and facials. For the ultimate in luxury, the menu features four one-of-a-kind treatments highlighted by the exclusive Diamond Collection.

About Chef Gilles Arzur

A native of France, Gilles Arzur has held the position of Executive Chef at Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel since 2009. With more than 25 years of experience, Gilles joined the Hotel with an impressive culinary background from around the world. Most recently with Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, Gilles now enjoys the laidback LA lifestyle while he oversees all kitchen operations and menu creation. His passion lies in creating innovative menus that make his restaurants key destinations for fine dining aficionados. Gilles is also an enthusiast of local products, skilled at sourcing local foods and incorporating unique flavours into his classic French training. Since the availability of local ingredients changes frequently, Gilles instills a culture of continuous creativity in his kitchen. Gilles’ culinary training followed a classic French regimen: upon graduating from hotel school at Bonnes Nouvelles à Brest, he toured the country for his apprenticeships. His mentor, the great French chef Paul Bocuse, plucked him from his pastry chef position in 1989 and developed both his culinary and his management skills. Gilles progressed quickly and within two years, was tasked with opening Bocuse’s restaurant in Moscow. He also served as executive chef of several Sofitel hotels in Chicago, Montreal and Los Angeles.