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Minh Tien Group takes centre stage at Expo 2020

Minh Tien Group takes centre stage at Expo 2020

Minh Tien Group has introduced its the ‘circular economy model’ to audiences at Dubai Expo 2020.

The company, a member of the Vietnam Coffee - Cocoa Association, took centre station during the opening of the Vietnam pavilion over the weekend.

The technique revolves around the coffee tree, with green beans used to make products including Coffilia, Ha Chuc Cascara Tea, Namigo bio-packaging and organic fertiliser.

Essentially, the by-product of a manufacturing stage becomes the input material for subsequent batches.

Minh Tien Group has sought to promote the model as it enters the Arabian market, in particular the United Arab Emirates.


The focus during Expo 2020 will be on showcasing a new perspective on the modern and sustainable agriculture of Vietnam.

Nguyen Thi Hong Minh, chairwoman of Minh Tien Group, said: “Coming to the Expo this year, we aim to announce and assert our business principle in the implementation of the circular economy model in our ecosystem, which has fully explored the quintessential value of our product life cycle and minimising our carbon footprint.

“To realise the vision of sustainable agriculture, Minh Tien Group is committed to being a successful contribution to the Vietnam pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.”

The Minh Tien Group journey started at the turn of the millennium, with company primarily exporting high-quality coffee beans to global distributors and international partners.

As the company was grew, the desire to promote the values of Vietnamese coffee beans on the global market has progressively become a driving factor for the organisation.

The sustainable farming model that features within every processing plant is responsible for the high-quality coffee beans which meet the most demanding standards.

The company has now been chosen by distributors and enjoyed by millions of coffee lovers around the world.

More Information

Head over to the Minh Tien Group website for more information, or visit the Vietnam pavilion at Expo 2020 until the end of March.