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Lipkin to lead Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion

Lipkin to lead Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion

Hylton Lipkin has taken over as general manager of Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion, a natural hot springs resort and hotel on the outskirts of Vietnam’s imperial capital, Hue.

Alba Wellness Valley, with its natural, mineral-rich hot springs, authentic Japanese-style onsen and open-air geothermal baths, is a member of Openasia group.

The property joined the Fusion portfolio in December, as the first existing hotel to be managed by the group.

In the past Fusion has led the way from conception to construction to management with all its properties. 

“We have a truly unique opportunity here in the Alba Wellness Valley that has yet to be fully realised,” said Lipkin.


“Our spa waters, service and stunning natural scenery, are on par with what you’d find at natural hot spring resorts in Europe or Japan, but without the hefty price tag.” 

A South African, Hylton has spent the last two decades honing his spa and management skills around the globe with roles in the Middle East, Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific.

His most recent role was as general manager of a boutique property Lao Poet Hotel in Vientiane, Lao’s capital, where he guided the team through pre-opening.

Prior to that he was part of the Fusion organisation, working as executive assistant manager of Fusion Resort Phu Quoc, where he was also involved with pre-opening and the running of the property once it debuted.

Among other tasks, Hylton was key in developing the property’s wellness concept.

“At Alba Wellness Valley, we want to offer our guests a holistic wellness experience, giving them the satisfaction of returning home with new insights into how to maintain a healthy and happy life,” said Nguyen Thi Nhung, partner and chief executive of Openasia Group.

“Under the operational management of Hylton and Fusion, we are fully confident in giving our guests a true wellness journey.”

Alba Wellness Valley includes the upscale Alba Wellness Resort Hue and the neighbouring Thanh Tan Hot Springs.