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Japan Airlines reshuffles flight schedule for 2013

Japan Airlines reshuffles flight schedule for 2013

The JAL Group has announced route and flight frequency plans for its domestic and a portion of international operations for fiscal year 2013.

Capitalising on the new allotted slots at Tokyo’s Haneda airport, JAL will increase flight frequencies on certain domestic routes and has also decided to launch a new service between Haneda and Nagoya (Chubu) with one daily round-trip flight, serving as a convenient connection to and from the late-night departures and early arrivals of international flights at Haneda to further enhance customer convenience.

Additionally, JAL will be restarting services on three routes between Osaka (Itami) and Matsuyama, Hakodate as well as Misawa with a total of five daily round-trip flights.

Strengthening its domestic network with a more comprehensive expansion of services, JAL is increasing flight frequencies on 16 routes adding 18 more daily flights to its operations, centred mainly on departures from Osaka to various regions in Japan.

Internationally, JAL plans to reduce capacity on the service between Osaka (Kansai) and Seoul (Gimpo) with the change in frequency from 14 to seven weekly round-trip flights on this route, while reintroducing business class service.

Plans for other international routes will be announced at a later stage contingent to the resumption of operations of the Boeing 787-8 aircraft.

JAL will continue to assess and make adjustments to its plans, considering the convenience for customers and changes to the operating environment.