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Gregory unveils latest spiced rum truffles

Gregory unveils latest spiced rum truffles

With his Caribbean heritage, it’s not surprising that chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory’s latest creation showcases the true aromatic flavour of rum in his spiced rum truffles.

Known both for his chocolate artistry, as highlighted in two recent TV shows, and his passion for authentic flavours, Gregory’s truffles marry the exquisite taste notes of Matugga Spiced Rum to chocolate with the enhancement of a touch of all spice berries, nutmeg, cinnamon and star anise.

Available in 100-gram pouches for £12.95, these delicious indulgences are solely available via the official website.

Gregory explains: “I love creating new chocolate experiences using innovative and complementary flavours such as spiced rum, blue cheese and passion fruit.

“I only use natural ingredients (no artificial flavours to be found here) and my spiced rum truffles are the latest expression of my dedication to capturing the essence of each ingredient within my chocolates.


“From crafting my Art Range boxes of award-winning chocolates based on my concept and philosophy of ‘indulgence is everything’, every chocolate taste journey I create allows the unique flavours to shine through and be transformed into an affordable luxury.”

Gregory’s chose Matugga Spiced Rum for his latest chocolate indulgence as it was the best tasting rum he had come across.

A rich and aromatic artisanal rum of nuanced complexity, the rum is expertly handcrafted through small batch copper pot distillation, matured in individually chosen oak casks and infused with a tantalising age-old Masala Chai blend of black tea, fresh ginger and fragrant natural spices.

He adds: “It’s all about marrying the right blend of chocolate with the finest ingredients so that you can taste both elements and savour the pairing.”

Alongside the creation of exquisite tasting chocolate flavour combinations, Gregory is also recognised for his talent in creating artistic chocolate masterpieces which mimic both the human form, machines, paintings and abstract art.