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Germany records the German participation at the Carnival in Seychelles

Germany records the German participation at the Carnival in Seychelles

German newspapers, including the Bild, have been reporting on the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Carnival hosted by Seychelles and La Reunion in Victoria in the Seychelles. One main article by Melanie Voisin records the success of the carnival that is staged annually in Seychelles. She speaks of the Prince and Princess from the Dusseldorf Carnival of Germany and their entourage and the delegation of the German Carnival Parade Band who traveled to Seychelles to fly the German flag in the world’s only carnival of carnivals.

The uniqueness of the carnival in the Seychelles is because of the diversity of delegations which descend upon Seychelles for that annual carnival in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Thirty-three international delegations were in Seychelles for the 2012 edition of that Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Carnival, and it was the first time that Germany participated.

A delegation of 54 flew with Etihad Airways from Dusseldorf to the Seychelles, and they became an immediate hit with the island population with their girls in blue and white who stole the show with their spectacular performances on the main road of Victoria.

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism&Culture, has said that he appreciated the presence of Germany at the carnival that is staged in Seychelles. “Germany is seen as a friendly country for the Indian Ocean islands and remains an important country for our tourism industry. The press coverage being given to the Dusseldorf Carnival’s participation at the carnival in Seychelles shows that the world was watching the carnival celebrations in Seychelles,” Minister Alain St.Ange said.

Another journalist of German origin, Juergen Steinmetz of eTurboNews, was himself also in Seychelles to cover the 2012 carnival of the islands and was proud to see the Dusseldorf Carnival delegation in Seychelles flying the German flag.