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Four Seasons – the Ultimate Curator

Four Seasons – the Ultimate Curator

Recent market reports show that the art world has seen a considerable recovery over the past year with record-breaking auctions and an emergence of new shows worldwide.

Echoing this global trend, Four Seasons has been increasing its art collections, using prominent collectors to curate public spaces and to buy at auctions.

Many Four Seasons hotels and resorts offer guests podcast tours and rolling exhibits that reflect the local art and culture of their respective country or city. Increasingly important is the opportunity for guests to buy what they see.

To the delight of travellers who appreciate art, Four Seasons is fast becoming an integral part of the scene.

Four Seasons Resort Provence at Terre Blanche pays tribute to the extensive art history of Provence and also boasts works including sculptures by famous international masters such as Henry Moore, Arman, Tony Cragg and more.


With galleries on every corner of the city, Four Seasons Hotel Miami showcases a number of important Miami-based artists in its burgeoning art scene. Print, photography, sculpture and paintings by South American artists such as Brazilian Vik Muniz adorn the Hotel.

On the other side of the world, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is an art gallery spread over 200 square metres (2150 square feet) and is a platform for local artists to promote their work in the Resort gallery, communal areas and rooms.

Many hotels including Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza are displaying cultural collections that dedicate their walls to national artists for guests to view.

New to the trend are many US properties including Four Seasons Hotel Austin, Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia and Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, which now showcase work from local galleries and artists - some even offering guests the chance to have self-guided tours of these eclectic collections.

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