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Four Seasons Seychelles spa introduces full moon massages

Four Seasons Seychelles spa introduces full moon massages

The Moon is the astronomical body closest to us, and so a profound influence upon us. Stories of witches, wizards and werewolves may be the stuff of myth and legend, but it is impossible to ignore the significance of moon’s workings. The highest energy occurs at the Full Moon so it is known as the most powerful time for magical workings.  Many traditional calendars, such as those in the Hindu, Thai, Hebrew, Islamic, Tibetan, Mayan, Germanic, Celtic, and Chinese traditions, are based on the phases of the Moon, and the tidal influences drawn by the position of the Moon are only too evident in the islands such as the Seychelles.

Among the beachside jungle-clad granite hills of Petite Anse, the feeling of being close to nature in the luxury of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is evident, which is why Full Moon experiences have been created to capture this lunar magic.

At the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, guests can experience the power of nature as they are taken on a journey of healing with the outdoor Full Moon Massage experience. The body and mind are naturally accelerated during the Full Moon, meaning the psyche becomes more receptive to healing energy. In ancient times the Full Moon was prime time for rituals for prophecy, protection, divination, when any working that needs extra power, such healing, would be undertaken. It is also significant for love, knowledge and dreams.

Combining the healing power of touch with Sodashi’s unique techniques and natural products, this spa treatment uses slow, stroking movements to relieve emotional and physical tension. Incorporating natural wood-scented plants oils and essences, the massage increases lymphatic circulation and clears blockages in our energy channels. By promoting deep rest, the body, mind and spirit are powerfully re-energised and rebalanced.

The massage can be enjoyed on the rooftop terrace of the Spa, or in the covered outdoor Yoga Pavilion if the jungle is being bathed in a rain shower. Both venues bring something unique, and still in a surrounding designed by nature’s hand.


“This is a unique experience,” says General Manager Alex Porteous. “Guests will enjoy the sound of the Indian Ocean and the refreshment of the cool night breeze as this gentle healing ritual as the balance of body and mind is restored. It is something special, perfect to mark a special vacation.”

Two sessions are offered on each of the three nights surrounding the Full Moon, and can be enjoyed by individuals and couples.

Creole Full Moon Party

Those looking for something a little wilder can try the Creole Full Moon Party on Petite Anse beach. With music from the Feke Arive band, it is representative of the African roots of Seychelles, rather than taking inspiration from the parties of Koh Phangnan in Thailand. Drummers play intoxicating African beats to get everyone into the party mood, and a special cocktail menu is available throughout the evening. Drinks are themed on the haunting nature of the evening, with bartenders ready to mix up a Creole Moon, Black Bat or a Mango Frozen Feast. Guests can enjoy the rhythm as they relax on lounge beds, or dance to the beat as the music takes them.

The focus of the evening is a beach bonfire, which lights the beach along with the bright light of the Full Moon, and creates an informal dancefloor around it. The evening’s entertainment is complimentary for in-house Four Seasons Resort Seychelles guests, with red paper lanterns released on the beach to mark the end of the evening.