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Four Seasons Langkawi, Malaysia introduces Secrets of the Sea Tour

Four Seasons Langkawi, Malaysia introduces Secrets of the Sea Tour

The UNESCO-protected coastline of Langkawi holds the key to 400-million-years-worth of natural heritage – the vast majority of which remains unseen by visitors. Four Seasons Resort Langkawi presents its newest safari tour, Secrets of the Sea, revealing some of the island’s most awe-inspiring ecological and geological wonders by boat, foot and kayak.
Secrets of the Sea - five hour tour

The five-hour tour begins with a boat ride from the Resort to Langgun Island, nicknamed “Jurassic Island” by the Resort’s recreation team. From here, a rainforest trek leads to the breathtaking Langgun Lake in the middle of the island. After trekking back to the boat, the tour continues to the mystical Tama River for a picnic lunch and refreshing dip in the freshwater water that descends from Mount Machinchang.

Secrets of the Sea - eight hour tour

The eight-hour tour covers some of the island’s most exciting natural attractions: the 4,000 year-old paintings on the walls of Gua Cerita (Cave of Legends) associated with the “myth of the giant phoenix”; hundreds of roosting bats within touching distance in a limestone cave in the Kilim Geoforest Park; a tranquil trek to Langgun Island (“Jurassic Island”) and lake; the natural saltwater lake Gua Langsir (Cave of Curtain) that exists only during high tide through a natural sea cave (also accessible via kayak); a photo-stop at the gigantic eagle statue at Langkawi’s iconic Eagle Square; a gentle walk and mythical discovery of the Pregnant Maiden Lake; and a cooling dip in the crystal clear waters of the mystical Tama River in a spot known exclusively to the Resort’s team, therefore offering the ultimate in jungle tranquility.