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Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Azerbaijan unveils Blue Water exhibition

Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Azerbaijan unveils Blue Water exhibition

Conceived as a celebration of local Azeri art, the Blue Water exhibition at Four Seasons Hotel Baku was presented to invited guests at a special unveiling on November 27, 2012.  The project comprises about 100 pieces of visual art, photography and applied art works. Young upcoming artists were represented alongside experienced and recognized artists, including Elshan Sarkhaanoglu, Vugar Muradov, Farid Alekberov and Vugar Ali. Well-known photographers including Farid Khayrulin and designer Elchin Aliyev and others have also contributed to the exhibition.

All the works are destined to decorate the employee areas of the new Hotel, and thus the exhibition’s themes are “Azerbaijani Hospitality” and “Hospitality Through an Artist’s Eyes.”

“The moment I arrived to Baku, I was mesmerized and obsessed by the beauty of Azerbaijan and its wonderful art heritage; it just felt to me as the very essence of my new home to be. Immediately I asked myself, why not have a sample of such beauty in our very own back of the house – the heart of the Hotel – so we can live and enjoy it every minute of our time?”says Tarek Mourad, general manager of Four Seasons Hotel Baku.

After the presentation of the artists’ work to the invited guests, the pieces were placed in the back corridors of the Hotel. The art will become a constant presence in the daily life of the employees of the Hotel.

“I also love the way that sometimes our very best ideas are also so much embedded in our Four Seasons culture. Having art in this probably least unexpected place, fundamentally is a great expression of our innovative and inspirational approach at Four Seasons,” says Mourad.


Hotel employees voted on their favourites, with prizes awarded to the winning artists during the unveiling ceremony. “It is worth mentioning that Four Seasons Hotel Baku has gladdened and will continue to gladden the hearts of art-loving citizens and guests of our city through its fine art projects, some of which have been operational from the day that the Hotel opened,” says Mourad