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First fleet for hybrid shunting locomotives in Europe

First fleet for hybrid shunting locomotives in Europe

Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahngesellschaft (MEG), a subsidiary of DB Schenker Rail, has leased five hybrid shunting locomotives from Alstom.  They will be the first to operate the first hybrid shunting locomotive fleet throughout Europe. Alstom delivered today four vehicles to MEG and will deliver the fifth one at the end of 2012. The lease agreement with option to purchase will expire in 2018.

All vehicles are equipped with Alstom’s Train Tracer technology for remote data transmission, which can be monitored centrally. They are also equipped with the latest generation of both vehicle and traction control.

“Our goal is to be the leading ‘Green Transport and Logistics’ provider” said Alexander Hedderich, CEO of DB Schenker Rail, in Schkopau. “MEG operates the first hybrid shunting locomotive fleet throughout Europe. This vehicle is less noisy compared to conventional diesel shunting locomotives and saves about 40% on fuel and 60% on emissions. Thanks to this vehicle, DB Schenker Rail contributes to the DB’ climate protection program 2020. We are glad to be able to make a good contribution to the project within the Deutsche Bahn Group by using this sustainable shunting technology”, he continued.

“We are glad that our innovative concept of the hybrid locomotive enters its final phase. We presented our first prototypes at InnoTrans 2006. In 2010, we reached the testing agreement with DB and MEG. Our next phase will be in Schkopau’s site where half of the shunting service will be changed to our long-tested Alstom hybrid technology”, said Klaus Hiller, Head of the Service and Locomotives Business of Alstom Transport in Germany. In 2010, DB Schenker Rail, MEG and Alstom already agreed upon a long-term testing of Alstom’s hybrid shunting locomotives within the frame of the DB Green Logistic Program. The aim was to fully replace the conventional shunting locomotives fleet by hybrid locomotives.