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Feast of Assumption in Seychelles sparks excitement on La Digue

Feast of Assumption in Seychelles sparks excitement on La Digue

Excitement is reaching a fever pitch on the island of La Digue in the Seychelles archipelago as the religious celebration of the Feast of the Assumption, which is celebrated every August 15, returns to the island this weekend.

The La Digue’s celebration, as it is commonly known locally, has always been a special event for the Diguois and people from all over the country flock to the island for the religious service and a range of other activities.

The Feast of the Assumption will this year be celebrated over 4 days, starting on August 12 and culminating with the traditional mass and alfresco activities on August 15, which will also be a public holiday in the Indian Ocean islands.

Live music shows, fairs, and street parties promise to keep La Digue buzzing with fun that will start early in the day and last well into the night, where both visitors and locals alike will mingle and enjoy this folkloric event of Seychelles.

The day’s program for August 15 will start with the alfresco mass at “La Grotto” and which will be attended by the Bishop of Seychelles. Traditionally, this grand gathering of worshippers becomes a procession through the lanes of La Digue up to the picturesque St. Mary’s Church.


No other activities can start before the mass is over and once worshippers start to head home, the island comes to life as celebrations start in every home and visitors pouring onto the island are welcomed with sweet melodies at the jetty. It is to be noted that the only mode of transport to the island is by boats or ferries, and the sea lanes from nearby islands Praslin and Mahe are busy ones during the annual August 15 celebrations.

To ensure that tourists visiting La Digue are well aware of the event and that they partake in the religious moment, as well as in the other activities, the Seychelles Tourism Board, as partner of the event for the second consecutive year, has produced a promotional flyer of the Feast of the Assumption.

This will allow visitors to the country to not only celebrate a significant moment in the religious calendar of the islands, but also to taste the unique way of life on one of Seychelles’ most traditional islands.