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FCO issues Egypt travel warning

FCO issues Egypt travel warning

British holidaymakers travelling to Egypt have been urged to exercise caution amid of the possibility of mass demonstrations across parts of the destination ahead of the second round of presidential elections.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) warned:  “There are calls for mass demonstrations on Friday, June 8 in Tahrir Square, Cairo, as well as in other cities across Egypt, including especially Alexandria and Suez,”

“Smaller demonstrations are currently being held in locations across Egypt.

“British nationals should exercise caution in areas where demonstrations are being held, avoid large crowds, including election campaign rallies, and follow developments on the news.”

The FCO added that there may be increased tension and demonstrations during the election voting period next week, with increased security near polling stations.


“We advise British nationals to exercise caution near polling stations on election days and in areas where demonstrations and election rallies are taking place,” the FCO said.

Petrol and gas shortages across Egypt are resulting in queues and traffic jams in many cities.