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Europcar provides flexibility for corporate fleets

Europcar provides flexibility for corporate fleets

Leading car hire provider, Europcar, is keeping businesses on the move with an innovative new service that tackles the issues that company fleets face when waiting for the delivery of vehicles for employee use. 3 Advantage offers vehicle hire for a minimum period of three months, which can be extended in 1 month periods up to 6 months to suit business needs.

“We have seen a real lack of solutions available to fleets when waiting for new company vehicles” explained Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group.  “Short-term vehicle hire is, of course, not designed to provide a solution for what can often be months waiting for new vehicle delivery, and leasing requires a longer-term commitment from a business that is equally unsuitable.  Our new initiative, 3 Advantage, has therefore been designed to fill that gap.”

3 Advantage provides all the benefits of short-term car hire on a longer term contract, reflecting Europcar’s sustained commitment to bring corporate customers services that reflect the changing needs of the marketplace, delivering flexible and cost effective car hire solutions.  In particular, 3 Advantage tackles the challenge of keeping people on the move when a business is waiting for new vehicles to come onto their fleet.

3 Advantage offers businesses a real alternative to car leasing, making it the perfect solution for drivers waiting for their new company car or for employees on secondment. Companies can choose from a range of makes and models, including estates, compacts, and saloons.  And just like selecting a new car, they can choose the colour too. There’s no limit to the number of vehicles that can be ordered through 3 Advantage, giving an organisation complete flexibility.  And all 3 Advantage vehicles are brand new, so there’s no servicing or MOT needed and all come with 24 hour breakdown roadside assistance and recovery.

As well as benefitting from cost savings through Europcar’s fixed rates, cost control is provided to 3 Advantage customers through monthly billing and customised monthly reporting, as required. Plus with one telephone number and a dedicated team for all queries, vehicle booking is fast and efficient.


“We understand that our corporate customers need access to a range of car hire solutions that will help them reduce fleet costs without losing any flexibility,” concluded Ken McCall.  “That’s why we have designed 3 Advantage, providing competitive fixed rates on short-term contracts.  We believe this gives corporate fleets the best quality Europcar service as an affordable alternative to leasing.”