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Europcar addresses Chapter 8 compliance with dedicated Van fleet

Europcar addresses Chapter 8 compliance with dedicated Van fleet

Europcar, the leader in vehicle hire services in Europe, is continuing to invest in its fleet to help its customers meet the latest road safety standards. In response to new guidelines in Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual, which sets out recommendations for high visibility markings on vehicles that stop for work on public highways, Europcar has created a dedicated fleet of Chapter 8 compliant commercial vehicles.

Chapter 8 details requirements for the colour of vehicles and the reflective markings needed for vehicles that stop to carry out inspections or work on all public highways. The guidelines apply to any firms with large or small vehicles, such as HGVs, road maintenance trucks, small vans or even cars that need to stop, intentionally, on high speed roads.

“Although Chapter 8 is not yet legislated, many highway organisations have already adopted these guidelines as best practice and will only allow compliant vehicles to work on their sites,” explained Stuart Russell, Van Fleet Specialist, Europcar UK Group.

“Understanding this requirement, we wanted to give our customers a cost-effective solution that means they can book Chapter 8 compliant vehicles whenever they need them – indeed we can deliver to anywhere in the UK with as little as four hours notice. Unlike other rental providers, our customers don’t have to pre-order these vehicles or commit to specific volumes. We have also created a network of six Supersites, across the UK, offering nationwide access to these vans.

“As Europe’s leading vehicle hire provider, Europcar is committed to keeping UK business moving and investing in the quality of our fleet to reflect our customers’ changing needs. With Chapter 8 ready van rentals available to hire from one day to up to 36 months, Europcar customers enjoy a flexible service they can rely on for all their needs.”


Europcar branches offering Chapter 8 vans include the Europcar Mobility Centre at London ExCeL, London Park Royal, Newport, Gateshead, Nottingham and Birmingham East. Deliveries within 50 miles of these locations can be ordered nationwide within four working hours. Deliveries outside the 50 mile radius will be fulfilled within eight hours.