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Design Hotels™ Partners with Weeva to Drive Sustainable Practices in Independent Hospitality

Design Hotels™ Partners with Weeva to Drive Sustainable Practices in Independent Hospitality

Digital sustainability management solution, Weeva, establishes conscious collaboration with forward-thinking travel brand Design Hotels to help its portfolio of independent hotels build data-led sustainability initiatives.

Weeva’s innovative, integrated platform enables hotels to manage their sustainability in one digital system. By tracking, informing decisions and reporting on their commercial viability and environmental and social impact, these businesses can experience the myriad of benefits that come with running a sustainable operation.

Designed by sustainable tourism experts, Weeva champions continuous improvement actions, backed by consistent data management, to boost efficiency, reduce wastage and, ultimately, support profitability and business resilience within the industry.

Renowned for establishing partnerships that keep its member hotels ahead of the curve, Design Hotels™ is currently hosting an ongoing series of online workshops and virtual roundtables to connect its members with partners, industry experts, and each other around actionable insights and forward-thinking ideas and practices.

The first of these conversations, hosted by Elin Kann, Director Sustainability & Culture at Design Hotels™, and moderated by Dr Andrea Ferry, Head of Sustainability at Weeva, focussed on the importance of developing an internal culture of sustainability. A key takeaway was:


“If ‘vision’ is where you are going, ‘culture’ makes sure you can get there.”

Weeva’s reporting tools can generate tailored Impact Reports for hotels to share with their guests, tour operators and other suppliers. Reports show metrics such as the carbon footprint per bed night or an overall view of a property’s impact. It’s not about being perfect, but rather quantifying goals and showing improvement. Using a system like Weeva helps streamline internal management, sharing the load between departments, from HR employee wellness surveys for to showcasing your community projects. It is also an invaluable data aggregator for those wishing to gain certifications.

Julie Cheetham, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Weeva commented:

“We’re so excited to onboard many of the Design Hotels member hotels into our system in 2024, giving them access to all our best-practice educational guides, suggested improvements and easy-to-understand tools and dashboards that track results in real-time.  The travel industry has long needed affordable, accessible sustainability technology to measure and improve operations for the benefit of profit, people and the planet – so it is wonderful to see our software being adopted by hotels of this calibre globally.”

Stijn Oyen, Managing Director of Design Hotels™, said:

“We are delighted to collaborate with Weeva to share the exemplary sustainability efforts and successes of our member hotels in transparent, measurable ways.  By utilizing Weeva’s data-driven, science-backed approach, our aim is to learn more about the impact our hotels have on the planet, and apply these insights to develop new, meaningful initiatives that guide them towards a more conscious, sustainable future.”