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Design Hotels launches new website

Design Hotels launches new website

Design Hotels has launched its new website. Sleek stylings fuse with powerful technology, providing a one-stop source for inspired movement around the world.

With integrated content of videos, visuals and information not found anywhere else, the new is expanding the view into a brave new world.

“With the incubation of spaces, both digital and physical, our aim is to foster compelling movements, be it artistic, culinary, design, green or beyond”, says CEO and founder, Claus Sendlinger.

Community, Networks and Perks
In keeping with Design Hotels’ vision to create an unrivaled global community for design, architecture and culture, the newly minted site is a space for like-minded globetrotters and the inspirationally inclined. Through community connections and multimedia content, online ambitions are turned into tangible actions. Merging the on and offline world, the Community is a portal connecting the two. Just by registering, members receive exclusive invites and offers, further connecting those in-the-know around the world. After booking a stay, benefits abound, ranging from late checkout, upgrades, free breakfast and up to 50% discounts on new hotels.

With a combination of unique content, value and experience is the ultimate travel companion. Find out about a man who saved an entire Italian village, a woman who transformed the hospitality landscape in India, or an Alpine resort powering Porsche chairlifts by solar energy. Prominent in conscience and on the website, is Finding Infinity – an eco-initiative intrinsic to Design Hotels™ core beliefs and long-term values.


Technologically Speaking
Simply put, the new website will make it easier and quicker to find exactly what you came for, plus a whole lot more. Key standout technical functions:
-  Clickless functionality to compare room types, prices and size at-a-glance.
-  For best deal, increased transparency with a two-month availability calendar showing live, bookable rates.
-  Clean, well laid-out pages are longer and faster than ever, bringing scrolling ease and fluid navigation.
-  Retina optimised high resolution images.

Trends in consumer luxury, technology and travel are driving the demand for a holistic digital experience. With this re-launch, Design Hotels™ enriches the relationship with its community, translating real life experiences into the digital realm.