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Death toll continues to rise following Japanese Typhoon Talus

Authorities in Japan are continuing the search for survivors following Typhoon Talus, which claimed 36 lives over the weekend.

As many as 56 people are still believed to be missing following the impact of the weather system over the weekend.

Japanese Police, firefighters and the Self-Defense Forces their search earlier, focusing on the Nara and Wakayama prefectures which were hardest hit.

Talus was the ninth typhoon of the season.

Areas around the Kii Peninsula, south of Osaka, were also hit, wit reports of flooded rivers, damaged roads and mudslides hampering relief work.

Typhoon season runs from June to December.

The Japan Meteorological Agency provides information and forecasts - in English - about approaching storms.

The damage caused by Talas is the worst since Typhoon Tokage left a total of 98 people dead or missing in October 2004.

Earlier the typhoon changed into an extratropical cyclone, although the Japan Meteorological Agency continued to issue warnings of heavy rain through today for Hokkaido Prefecture and its vicinity.