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Colombian tourism promotion body rebrands as Procolombia

Colombian tourism promotion body rebrands as Procolombia Bogota is one of the most visited destinations in Colombia

The Colombian trade, investment and tourism promotion body Proexport has completed its rebrand to Procolombia following an eight-month process led by its president Juan Manuel Santos Calderón.

The move, which takes immediate effect, comes after a survey of Colombian and foreign entrepreneurs concluded that the name Proexport did not reflect either the body’s connection to Colombia or its broad remit, which covers promoting investment and tourism as well as exports.

In addition, a number of other overseas organisations and bodies shared the Proexport name.

By contrast, it was felt the new name Procolombia was not only self-explanatory it was more inclusive and resounding.

Procolombia will work to position the country’s brand, consolidate Colombia as a tourist destination and coordinate its promotional activities with public and private agencies that can help capitalise on the country’s name and position it as a supplier of quality products and services.


To help in its aims of attracting more inward investment and ramping up exports to markets such as the UK the body will broaden its scope in the internationalisation of Colombian MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), providing them with specialist trade support services in an incubator environment.

It will also strengthen its export culture programs to help Colombian entrepreneurs adapt their products to satisfy global demand.

Other new initiatives include an Export Mentoring Program aimed at strengthening alliances between Colombian MSMEs, companies with export experience and foreign investors in order to boost the overall competitiveness of the MSMEs.