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Honeymoon hoaxers bluffing for a holiday upgrade

One in six couples would pretend they’ve just got hitched in order to blag upgrades and freebies on holiday - although the travel industry is getting wise to honeymoon hoaxers, according to new research.

A nationwide poll conducted by travel price comparison website found those in London and the rest of the South lead the way when it comes to honeymoon hoaxing. Twenty per cent of southerners have either faked it or are considering pretending they are on honeymoon, compared to only one in nine Scots.

Impending nuptials appear to make couples feel more comfortable with bending the truth - nearly a third of those who are engaged would pretend to be on honeymoon compared to only one in seven married couples.

Age was another factor, with 39 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds saying they had already tried the scam or were thinking about it.

Potential honeymoon benefits can include business class flights, room upgrades, candlelit dinners and free champagne. Wising up to this, many of the major hotel chains, resorts and tour operators are now asking to see a marriage certificate.


Alexis Garrick, hotels manager at, said: “People love to get freebies when on holiday. But we know from our research that 90 per cent of the hotels, resorts and airlines we feature on our site are now wise to the honeymoon blag and will ask to see proof of a wedding before offering upgrades or bubbly. 

“To make sure you’re not disappointed, try and get the best holiday deal possible in the first place so that anything else is just a bonus. And it’s always worth trying a bit of old-fashioned charm on your holiday to see what you can get.”

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If it really is your honeymoon, there are four great ways of improving your upgrade chances:

á      Make sure the fact it is your honeymoon is entered as a note on your booking with airlines, travel agents and hotels

á      Have the original or a copy of your marriage certificate with you

á      Go in smart casual dress, suitable for an upgrade as this will help on board and with entry to lounges

á      Be polite and discreet. Don’t demand additional or preferential services just because you have got married.