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Blue Wings flies again for Centenary Celebrations

Blue Wings flies again for Centenary Celebrations

To celebrate their centenary later this year, Finnair are publishing a special one-off print edition of their Blue Wings inflight magazine.
The magazine, which in 2021 became purely digital following the airline’s response to the pandemic and later to cut down on aircraft weight and reduce emissions, has been revived in print as part of the centenary celebrations.

The special ‘Togetherness Issue’ will be available on all Finnair flights (excluding those operated with short-haul ATR aircraft) from early June until the end of August.

The first edition of Blue Wings magazine was published in 1980, with new issues released onboard 10 times a year and quickly became popular with the airline’s customers.

One of the world’s leading inflight magazines, thanks to its fantastic travel features and high-quality glossy production values, Blue Wings helped reinforce Finnair’s brand identity with an emphasis on quality, freshness, and creativity.

The limited-edition print run of this special centenary issue looks set to become a collector’s item for aviation enthusiasts.


This commemorative issue will help Finnair celebrate 100 years of flying with a variety of articles exploring the future of air travel, a feature on Finnair’s “retro runway” of crew uniforms throughout the years, and the challenge and opportunities of flying more sustainably.

Anssi Partanen, Finnair Market Director UK & Ireland, said: “We’re proud to have Blue Wings ‘fly’ one more time with Finnair to help celebrate our centenary in what we are sure will become a real collector’s edition.

“For over forty years, Blue Wings found its way into the hearts of Finnair’s customers thanks to its reputation for combining style with compelling articles and features which helped raise the profile of the Finnair brand and our customers’ ability to explore the world from the comfort of their seat.

“While the magazine has now found a new home online on and on our onboard internet portal Nordic Sky, we can’t think of a better way to help mark our 100th birthday than to see ‘Blue Wings’ take off in print for one final time.”

Before ceasing its print run, each year more than nine million Finnair customers would avidly read the ten editions published annually on the airline’s extensive flight network, which included long-haul destinations across Asia, particularly in China and Japan.

Finnair is marking its momentous 100th birthday with a year-long programme of activities, involving customers, colleagues, and stakeholders around the airline, and will reveal further news in due course.

In March, the airline revealed a special Moomin livery for two widebody A350 aircraft, flying to various destinations in Finnair’s worldwide network, such as London, Dallas, Tokyo, and Bangkok.

In addition to the Moomin livery, Finnair Technical Operations in Helsinki have painted the centenary slogan: ‘Bringing us together since 1923’ on three other aircraft.

Finnair also launched an exclusive new music video in May to celebrate its centenary with a new song, performed by the Finnair Singers.

The Finnair Singers have been singing through the skies since 1949, uniting the airline’s employees with their love of music.

The video brings the fun of flying to the ground as listeners can get set for take-off with the sights and sounds from a Finnair flight.

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