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Bespoke amenities at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

Bespoke amenities at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

When the team at the soon-to-open Four Seasons Hotel London started to think about developing an exclusive range of guestroom amenities, they knew it would have to be something very special to mark the opening of the new hotel on Park Lane.

They wanted an original collection that would match the chic, contemporary style of the guestrooms and suites created by interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon. It would have to represent the understated elegance of Four Seasons spirit and above all, it would have to be something that Hotel guests might have chosen for themselves and would want to return to time and again. Recognising what a tall order this was going to be, they turned to Roja Dove, the industry’s most respected bespoke parfumier, and asked him to create a signature scent that would satisfy these demanding, yet crucial criteria. Four Seasons hotels well.” says Roja. “I have always admired the way Four Seasons service seems to be delivered without really trying, so when I was asked to create a signature scent for the new Four Seasons in London, I wanted my scent to do the same, to deliver effortlessly.” Four Seasons fragrance as a refreshing blend of bergamot, orange and mandarin, with touches of jasmine and rose for sensuality, and vetiver for warmth and gentility. “The scent of Four Seasons is lively but not jarring, sensual but understated, warm, gentle and enveloping. For me, that is the embodiment of the Hotel.” Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane. Comprising soaps, bath and shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, the products are presented in elegant black, white and gold 75 ml recyclable bottles and will be available in all guest rooms and suites in the newly opened Hotel.

Perhaps one of the world’s foremost authorities on fragrance, British-born Roja was given the prestigious title ‘Professeur de Parfums’ by Guerlain, the renowned Parisian perfume house for which he worked for nearly two decades. They also named him their Global Ambassador – the first non-Guerlain family member to be bestowed with this honour. He went on to open his own perfumery in London, The Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in Harrods, designing bespoke scents for a very excusive clientele and becoming known as the connoisseur of connoisseurs in the world of fragrance.

“Having spent nearly half of my working life travelling the world, I know Roja describes the exclusive!”