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Bench Events unveils new Hospitality Tomorrow event

Bench Events unveils new Hospitality Tomorrow event

Bench Events had announced a second instalment of its Hospitality Tomorrow series.

The move follows the warm reception for the launch event earlier this month, which welcomed 5,343 hospitality decision-makers from 128 countries around the world. 

Revealing the new event, Bench Events chairman, Jonathan Worsley, said: “We are back for episode two, where we will follow the sun around the globe with a focus on China, India, the Middle East, Europe and ending with North America.”

Speakers at the event will include Marcus-Milan Arandjelovic, Aroundtown; Dirk Bakker, Colliers International; Puneet Chhatwal, Indian Hotels Company; Frank Croston, Hamilton Hotel Partners; Neeraj Govil, Marriott International; Michael Hirst, CBRE Hotels; K.B. Kachru, Radisson Hotel Group; Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality; Anders Nissen, Pandox and Priya Paul from Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels.

Also offering their thoughts will be Wesley Paul, Gemin-i Analytics; Arun Kumar Saraf, Juniper Hotels; Vijay Thacker, Horwath HTL; Lindsey Ueberroth, Preferred Hotels & Resorts and Arnie Weissmann from Travel Weekly.

The event will be moderated by Stephen Sackur, presenter of HARDtalk.


Worsley continued: “Why are we doing this? 

“Because one thousand of you responded to our survey and said ‘let’s do it again’ as we need to continue the conversation to assess the changes in our world and people - operationally, financially, and psychologically. 

“Where, when and how signs of recovery can be anticipated and the role of tourism in accelerating momentum for recovery.”

The second Hospitality Tomorrow event will begin with a focus on Asia at 07:00 BST on May 12th.

From there it will move around the world, shining the spotlight on the global issues confronting the hospitality sector.

Worsley added: “It is crucial that we rebuild confidence in the global community. 

“Now is the time to continue the conversation - make those critical connections that you need to build the right understanding, relationships, unity and actionable ways to support one another now for a stronger response - as one industry, one community for one tomorrow.”

More Information

More on the latest event can be found on the official website.

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