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Become an “Elephant Whisperer” at Four Seasons tented camp Golden Triangle

Become an “Elephant Whisperer” at Four Seasons tented camp Golden Triangle

“What did you do this summer?” It’s the common question asked every autumn, when the excitement of the summer holidays comes to a close, and when the days start getting shorter and the nights start getting longer. There are few who could claim to have spent their summer vacation learning the skills of the ancient mahouts, to have taken part in hands-on elephant intelligence research, or to have assisted a specialist elephant vet with a routine health check. But then, with only 15 luxurious tented accommodations, there are only a lucky few who get the chance to stay at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

This year’s summer holiday period may be over, but Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle has created a special package to make the next round of holiday time even more memorable - the Elephant Whisperer package. Designed to make guests feel a closer connection to the gentle giants that they’ll be spending time with during their stay, the package includes a number of experiences unavailable anywhere else.

Witness a glimpse of a secretive, ancient ceremony performed by the elders of the mahout community. The ceremony was originally intended to keep the elephant’s soul intact, and to protect both elephant and mahout whenever they moved from place to place. A fascinating insight into an ancient culture that is still very much alive in Northern Thailand today.

Become part of a team conducting elephant behavioural intelligence research with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation and Think Elephants International - this is the only place in the world where guests can enjoy hands-on participation in this kind of research, the ultimate aim being to better protect elephants in the wild.

Spend time with a specialist Elephant Vet, learning more about the way elephants live, their daily lives and their dietary requirements, and perform a basic health check-up.


And enjoy a private Elephant Camp dinner for two, with a menu tailor-made just for you, and gentle giants on hand to welcome you.

All of this, as well as a full all-inclusive package including all meals and beverages, including house wines and spirits, one Spa treatment per guest, per stay, and private round-trip transfers from Chiang Rai airport to Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

The elephants are waiting ...