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Babbel and TripAdvisor partner for new language lessons

Babbel and TripAdvisor partner for new language lessons

Babbel and TripAdvisor have joined forces to inspire travellers, and get them ready for their next city trip.

For this joint campaign, the companies have combined their expertise and built an interactive city-trip themed campaign website.

The site features customized language lessons for some of the world’s most popular cities: London, Paris, Rome, New York, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Ubud.

“Languages and traveling obviously go very well together,” said Markus Witte, founder, Babbel.

“TripAdvisor is an incredible site which is mainly driven by its users and the content they provide.


“Building the tailored Babbel lessons, we made use of this content.

“The result is a fun and useful experience to make the most out of a city trip by empowering real-life conversations in a new language.”

The customised language lessons were built by Babbel’s language experts and inspired by real user reviews on TripAdvisor, giving a realistic glimpse into authentic experiences to be had in each destination.

In the end, Babbel aims to empower people to have real-life conversations.

“This collaboration with Babbel is designed to help make key life moments, such as taking a trip, even more meaningful,” says Nicole Brown, TripAdvisor senior director of brand partnerships.

“TripAdvisor helps travellers feel confident that they’ve made the right decision, offering the latest reviews and the lowest prices to unleash the full potential of every trip.

“Learning the basics of the local language before traveling to a new destination builds confidence even further, transforming an ordinary holiday into a wonderfully unique experience; which is exactly what TripAdvisor provides to our community every day.”

The joint campaign will run worldwide for six months.

While the campaign website is available publicly via mobile and desktop, Babbel and TripAdvisor users will receive special offers on Babbel language courses as well as travel booking via TripAdvisor.