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Plaza Premium Group opens new Heathrow lounge

Plaza Premium Group opens new Heathrow lounge

A new arrivals lounge has been unveiled at London Heathrow Airport.

The lounge located in Terminal 4 arrivals will feature 25 luxury shower rooms, a lounge and bar area and a new and unparalleled dining concept, Flight Club.

The arrivals lounge can accommodate up to 75 people at any one time and Flight Club is unique to Plaza Premium Group offering a dining experience inspired by healthy eating.

The concept has been specifically designed for travellers that are renowned for eating unhealthy whilst travelling.

The concept is inspired by the use of herbs and seeds and the dishes are visually enticing and blended of colourful ingredients sourced locally and also mindfully.

Flight Club aims to change the way passengers dine at the airport as Plaza Premium Group believes that healthy eating can be made possible for all, even whilst on the road.

Pauline Cheung, regional general manager of Plaza Premium Group United Kingdom & Europe, said: “Plaza Premium Lounge Heathrow is committed to improving the customer experience for travellers and further enhance the experience of travelling.

“Our goal is to make every journey enjoyable not only on departure but also upon arrival too and we’re proud that the new Flight Club concept will be a key feature of this new lounge and demonstrates that we continually look to deliver a stellar service to our customers.”

The new arrivals lounge follows the continued success of Plaza Premium Group at London Heathrow Airport and the first step in the Group’s expansion plans for 2017.