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AviaDev launches new consultancy alongside Midas Aviation

AviaDev launches new consultancy alongside Midas Aviation

AviaDev Consult - powered by Midas Aviation - has launched to provide tailored consultancy to the African and regional European markets.

The consultancy has been formulated following a successful partnership between AviaDev and Midas that has been in place for 18 months.

Midas have been providing insightful articles alongside the AviaDev events during this time and were actively involved in conducting the Introduction to air service development for Africa training course that made its debut alongside AviaDev Africa in Cape Town in April.

Jon Howell, chief executive, AviaDev, outlined: “The Midas Aviation team bring huge experience and a laser-focus on interpreting data.

“Their skill set is the perfect complement to what we are trying to achieve at AviaDev, namely improve air connectivity as sustainably as possible.


“Aviation is a capital-intensive business and route development decisions must be made using all data sources available.

“This partnership will provide our partners with access to this data and a team of experts who will help develop and execute strategies that will deliver long term economic benefit.”

AviaDev Consult will be running an ‘Introduction to air service development for Africa’ training course in Addis Ababa on September 23rd-24th.

Becca Rowland, partner, Midas Aviation, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with AviaDev having supported their events and we believe that they have a real place in the market adding value to aviation development in Africa and to regional European markets.

“Our combination of analysis, market knowledge, network of contacts, and strategic insights provides a great solution for both AviaDev clients and the wider aviation communities.

“We are looking forward to helping AviaDev make a real difference to the aviation scene.”