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Anantara Seminyak joins international coastal cleanup

Anantara Seminyak joins international coastal cleanup

Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup has developed over the past 25 years to become the world’s largest volunteer effort for ocean health. Each year, millions of eco-friendly warriors from all over the world help to clear trash from the shores of lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans, and thanks to these volunteers recording every article collected, Ocean Conservancy gains accurate insight into the manufactured items which are impacting our planet’s health.

For the coastal cleanup on Seminyak Beach in Bali, 47 Anantara resort associates covered a distance of two kilometers, collecting all manner of rubbish including plastic bags, containers and cutlery, cans, cigarettes, and household waste, as well as abandoned shoes and fishing debris. In total, 2,252 items were collected, weighing in at 38 kilograms.

As a Green Globe Certified hotel, Anantara Seminyak Resort & Spa is committed to environmental, social, and cultural preservation. In constantly striving to find new ways to protect our precious planet, this eco-friendly activity is just one of the many local, national, and international initiatives that the resort is involved with.

Ivan Casadevall, General Manager, said: “I am personally delighted by Anantara’s green team efforts for the International Coastal Cleanup project. They successfully transformed the image of Seminyak’s coastline, enabling beach lovers to enjoy the pleasure of pristine sands, and more importantly, prevented a huge amount of rubbish from polluting the Indian Ocean. Looking to the future, we hope that locals and tourists alike will take note of our achievements and be even more considerate about the items they purchase and how they dispose of their garbage, and even spread the word! Ocean Conservancy wishes to ‘Start a Sea of Change,’ and we wholeheartedly uphold this philosophy, not only for our world’s oceans, but for all environmental concerns.”

Green Globe Certification CEO Guido Bauer said: “Again, the green team at Anantara Seminyak Resort & Spa demonstrates practical measures that make a great difference. It is astounding to see that within the audit of materials collected, that items related to personal use, such as discarded cigarette filters, plastic bags, and bottle caps were the bulk of the waste products.


“It is a challenge for the Anantara green team to work with locals and visitors alike to reduce the pollution by changing behaviors and promoting the binning of personal waste in such a beautiful, natural location.

“I also want to personally recognize the work of EcoLeadership, Green Globe Auditors for Bali and Southeast Asia, who volunteered their time to participate in the beach cleanup and provide an accurate catalogue and measurement of all the waste collected.”

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