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An interactive multimedia experience inspired by Leo Messi’s career will be on Tour around the world

An interactive multimedia experience inspired by Leo Messi’s career will be on Tour around the world

The immersive journey, “The Messi Experience, A Dream Come True,” will debut in early 2024. It will then continue to visit all continents around the world over the next years.
It will be produced and co-created by Primo Entertainment, the renowned mass events production company based in the United States, along with Moment Factory, the international multimedia entertainment studio based in Montreal.

The Messi Experience is an innovative, interactive multimedia experience that takes guests on a unique journey through the life of the legend and invites visitors into the game! Entering a world fueled by childhood dreams, and record-breaking achievements, guests will be transported to experience and discover the man behind the legend: Digital on-ball activities with live score updates, personal virtual engagement with Messi himself will be some of the activities for a complete immersive experience.

Fans will feel a variety of physical & digital energy as they soak up the artistry of the greatest player to ever grace the field. From his early years in his hometown Rosario; his arrival and career at Barcelona, to his lifting of the 2022 World Cup with Argentina, this audiovisual spectacle experience will bring an emotional journey of a boy who became a legend. Visitors will emerge from this experience feeling inspired, empowered and uplifted.

“I am very happy to be part of this project that allows fans to get closer to my journey on and off the field. Throughout my career, I have always strived to inspire and connect with people through my passion for football. This experience will offer a unique opportunity to relive the most memorable moments and feel the emotions that have shaped my path,” said Leo Messi.

“We are thrilled and proud to present this extraordinary Lionel Messi experience. Messi is a unique example for all generations and a demonstration of overcoming challenges both high and low. We will take the experience to all continents. There will be 75 minutes of inspiration, emotion, entertainment, and fun, for everyone to enjoy” said Andres Naftali and David Rosenfeld, Co-founders - Primo Entertainment.


At Moment Factory, we bring people together, through our various projects we aim to inspire a sense of collective wonder and connection. With this experience, we are honored to bring together immersive storytelling and interactive technologies to create a unique encounter between the audience and the legend that is Messi.’’ Sakchin Bessette, Co-Founder - Executive Creative Director, Moment Factory

To register and obtain more information about the experience, please visit / Instagram: @themessiexperience.