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A new explorer is welcomed at Portsmouth International Port

A new explorer is welcomed at Portsmouth International Port

Staff at Portsmouth International Port welcomed ‘Sea Explorer’, a small luxury cruise ship making its first ever call to the waterfront city on the 27th March from Casablanca.

Described by cruise line, Noble Caledonian as one of the finest small ships in the world, ‘Sea Explorer’ carries passengers on expedition cruises to destinations that larger vessels are unable to manage. Known for her comfortable, country-hotel, style, the cruise ship boasts very spacious and well designed suites, and beautifully appointed public areas. Passengers enjoy the impeccable service and combination of comfort and adventurous exploration from an intimate setting, something you just can’t find on a large ship.

Passengers arrived to check in and board throughout the afternoon. Sea Explorer departed again at 2000 heading for Guernsey, the first stop on a seven-day cruise of the Channel Islands and Isles of Scilly. The cruise visits some of the most beautiful islands in the British Isles. With ten Zodiac rigid inflatables on board passengers can explore the coastline and get into the smallest of ports at destinations including Sark, Alderney, Tresco, St Martins and St Agnes.  She will return to Portsmouth on 3rd May to disembark her well-rested passengers.

Portsmouth International Port specialises in the fast developing ‘niche’ cruise market, offering flexible services for operators with small and medium sized cruise ships. With unrivalled links to the rest of the country, the Port has become popular with cruise companies looking to start and finish their voyages at a location convenient for British customers. Investment in new berthing facilities and an award winning passenger terminal has also increased the attraction in recent years.

Portsmouth International Port Harbour Master, Captain Rupert Taylor is pictured here presenting the Port’s plaque with Sea Explorer Captain George Thomsen.