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Portsmouth International rolls out temperature checks

Portsmouth International rolls out temperature checks

Portsmouth International has become the first UK port to install a thermal temperature scanner, which will be available for cruise operators to screen their passengers.

The temperature screening technology involves using a camera detection system to monitor the temperature of passengers to help support infection control on board.

The service will be offered as an option for lines to use prior to arrival.

Mike Sellers Portsmouth International Port director said: “We want to make sure we are in the best position to welcome back passengers in a managed, safe and sensible way.

“Being able to help support our cruise lines by providing solutions for potential health protocols, should operators choose to use it for their customers, means we are ready to go once travel restrictions are eased.


“There are ongoing discussions about a common framework for health screenings, which are being explored by all transport operators.

“Until there is an international standard, we want to make sure we can meet a universal expectation to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus.”

The thermal imaging scanner is one a raft of measures being implemented to prioritise health and safety, an overhaul of the how the terminal will function once it reopens for passengers is underway, including appropriate full face PPE for customer facing staff, social distancing measures, clinical level hand sanitation products on door handles and cleaning stations.

Sellers continued: “Our key workers continued to operate since the lockdown restrictions were implemented providing essential operations for critical freight and lifeline services.

“It is even more important as a major port we have the right measures in place to manage the flow of people as well as goods safely.

“We have been listening to our cruise customers about what needs to be in place when travel restrictions are eased.”