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Four Seasons Buenos Aires celebrates 90th anniversary of La Mansion

Four Seasons Buenos Aires celebrates 90th anniversary of La Mansion

On occasion of the 90th Anniversary of La Mansión on August 30, 2011, Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires organised a Gala inspired by the 1920s era. The event was sponsored by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 and in total aid of UNICEF.

Ernesto Gutiérrez, president of AA2000, Rebeca Selley, the Hotel’s general manager, and Natalia Oreiro, patroness of this event, were the hosts. They expressed their gratitude for the success in participation and the commitment expressed by all the people present.

More than ARS 200,000.00 was raised during the night. The total amount was allocated to Maternidades Seguras y Centradas en la Familia for implementation of good practices for pregnant women and their babies in more than 100 hospitals. The program also seeks to improve the quality of their attention and to reduce mother-infant mortality rates.

Celebrity Guests

Gabriel Oliveri, marketing director of Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, and Jorge Lukowski, director of institutional relations for Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, welcomed celebrities that supported the Gala, including Adrián Suar, Griselda Siciliani, Carla Peterson, Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain, Benito Fernández, Laurencio Adot, Jorge Ibañez, Carlo Di Domenico, Fabian Zitta, Patricia Della Giovampaola, Teresa Calandra, Diego Balut, Ingrid Grudke, Karina Mazzoco, Soledad Silveyra and Cecilia Zubherbuller.


Julián Weich, UNICEF ambassador in Argentina, accompanied Natalia Oreiro in the presentation of the event. Griselda Siciliani and Carlos Casella gave a show featured by romantic songs with touches of humour.

The most famous designers in the country participated as well, by presenting their muses at the event, and later declaring the best look of the night to Gabriela Ruiz, the owner of Rojo Tango and Café Los Angelitos. Teresa Calandra auctioned different prizes, including a weekend at Four Seasons Resort Carmelo, Uruguay, an Argentine Football Team t-shirt signed by Leonel Messi, and a gold ring from the Possession collection by Piaget. The latter was bought by the executive Sebastian Darcyl.

A Gala Evening

The menu was created by Juan Gaffurí, the Hotel’s executive chef, who combined local flavours with the European influence of the 1920s. The appetiser was crystallised salmon with olives and citrus fruit, creamy peas, fennel and artichoke tapenade. The main dish was an asado stew cooked for 31 hours in dark consommé, braised tail ravioli, baby vegetables, and stewed onions with port wine. Finally, the dessert was Vigilante (guard’s dessert of cheese and quince jelly), cheese crème caramel, quince, ice cream, and crystallised Legui beverage.

The decoration was inspired by the twenties, like the music and the clothes the guests were wearing. The setting was entrusted to Gerardo Acevedo and Upeople. Homage was paid to Art Deco and the major motifs of the time. Feathers, glass teardrops, orchids, sculptures and golden touches were some of the elements used to evoke Art Deco style. Each of the five rooms of La Mansión had its own decoration, completely different from the others. The Lobby had high decoration elements featured by golden fans that resembled the oriental exotic touch of those times. Le Printemps room was decorated with green leaf ornaments and flowerpots with arecas palm and rafi that created a hypnotic and sensual atmosphere. For L’Été room, the idea was to transmit the delicacy, refinement, and docility typical of the style. It was successfully done through the centerpieces of small gardens made by statues in copper tones, buxus, natural orchids and recreations of floral jewels in copper. L´Automne room was the one chosen to reflect the freshness and freedom of the 1920s. Thus, the centerpieces were made with large feathers, lines of teardrops and green leaf beds. Six dragonflies that were more than two metres high (6.5 feet) got all the comments of the night. They were inspired by a well-known design by René Lalique. They were presented at L´Hiver room, and their complex assembly demanded the dedicated work of ten artists for three weeks.

History of La Mansión

In 1920, Félix de Álzaga Unzué gave his wife, Elena Peña, the mansion as a wedding gift. Back in those days, Buenos Aires was considered the “Paris of South America.” By that time, the city was crowded by impressive mansions, plazas or squares, monuments, and boulevards following the French style. The owners lived in those golden times. With this Gala, the idea was to revive the period and celebrate the 90th anniversary of one of the most spectacular French constructions existing in the country.

La Mansión offers exquisite events space as well as Sunday Brunch and exclusive guest suites at Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires.

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