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Which Comes First, Innovation or Market Need?

Which Comes First, Innovation or Market Need?

Which comes first, technology and innovation or market demands and consumer necessity? Of course, in marketing 101, they tell you to listen to the voice of the customer and to develop products that meet the customer’s needs. Certainly, this happens and is the norm for much of today’s product development; but would we have the Internet, browsers, the iPod and the iPhone if this was always the case?

Business drives technology needs and technology creates business opportunity. This is why PhoCusWright publishes a Technology Edition…so that strategic planners, marketing directors and product development specialists and others concerned about a company’s product portfolio and strategy can:

  * Look for business opportunities in emerging, potentially disruptive technology
  * Observe the innovative technology solutions being applied to new business requirements

Already this year, the Technology Edition has:

  1. Highlighted how new technology is enabling the distribution of Long Tail content
  2. Reviewed new technology in the learn, shop and book processes
  3. Examined the trend towards very localized content  and services
  4. Delivered an in-depth analysis of the mobile marketplace as it relates to travel
  5. Challenged the imagination with bold technology predictions
  6. Examined the implications of Facebook technology in travel distribution
  7. Reviewed the effects that airlines selling ancillary content will have on ALL points of sale and distribution mechanisms
  8. Drilled down on the potential of thethe iPhone for travel
  9. Chronicled the way consumers are embracing new technology and technology-enabled concepts such as Web 2.0 to learn about, shop for and book travel in new and different ways
  10. Examined different suppliers’ distribution strategies and suggested areas for improvement
  11. Discussed the need for and impact of profiles in conversion of lookers to bookers


These articles and many more provide a perspective of how technology and business are forging the future of travel distribution together. 2010 will have many more great topics, including a new set of bold technology predictions.

Decision makers and planners need to anticipate where technology is going. They must be able to foresee both the new technologies forged from business need and the new business opportunities that innovative solutions will enable. Those that can do this will be able to leave their competitors in the dust.

The PhoCusWright Research Subscription: Technology Edition brings you the future of travel technology and innovation. PhoCusWright continually surveys the travel landscape for the next wave of technology and is the first to offer a detailed understanding of its impact on the travel industry. View publication list.

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