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The top 5 restaurants you should visit in Paris in 2018

The top 5 restaurants you should visit in Paris in 2018

Paris is a foodie mecca. With over 70 restaurants awarded a Michelin star, you’ll never lack good food when you are in the city.

If you are looking the best restaurant in Paris for 2018, take a look at some of the popular places below.

1. Septime Restaurant - if you ask anyone who has frequented Paris a number of times for the best restaurant recommendation they can give, Septime would surely be on the list. It is after all, consistently on the list as one of the world’s best restaurants. Bertrand Grebaut trained under culinary great Alain Passard and describes his culinary philosophy as both modern and traditional. He credits nature as his inspiration, and it is clearly seen as you see the harmonious way he pairs his meals, from Turbot with Brussel sprouts and cheese paired with apple and pear puree. They also opened a seafood restaurant called Clamato and a wine bar called Septime La Cave.

2. Allard - if you are aiming for the classic gourmet taste, a trip to Paris is not complete without dining at Allard. It’s a place that will definitely make its mark and you will not be able to help it, you’ll keep wanting to come back again and again just to taste their classic French dishes. The restaurant was founded in 1932 by Marthe Allard, a lady from Burgundy who relocated to Paris, bringing with her heirloom family recipes. Here at the Parisian bistro, you’ll find the classics, depending on what season it is and what ingredients are thriving. You’ll get to taste Navarin style lamb, frog legs, sweetbreads and more.

3. Miznon - if you want more than just croissants and steak, you’ll find many restaurants that offer a more wide array of dishes for the adventurous foodie. Here at Miznon, you’ll find a fusion of French cuisine and Middle Eastern. This may not be a fine restaurant, but you’ll surely enjoy the fun vibe it has. Don’t expect to see hummus and falafel though, but there are offerings like boeuf bourguignon pita and steak and egg pitas among the offerings.

4. Pierre Sang Boyer - if you’re a fan of reality TV, then you might have heard of Pierre Sang. Pierre Sang competed in the 2011 Top Chef competition, where he ended as a semifinalist. He might not have won the top prize, but he was still able to push on with his dream as he opened his very own restaurant in Paris, in the bohemian area of Oberkampf. The offer an eclectic and refreshing menu, with many dishes being more than just French, as the chef is also part-Korean. If you are looking for a place that blends Korean and French together, then this is the place to go.

5. Astrance - located at the 16th arrondissement, this is run by another chef who has trained under Passard, Pascal Barbot. With three Michelin stars, this restaurant offers dishes that have exotic flavors, making it very popular for foodies all over the world.