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5 Things You Should Know About Rainbow Mountain in Peru

5 Things You Should Know About Rainbow Mountain in Peru

Since the discovery of Rainbow Mountain in Peru, it has been a dream destination for many local and world travelers. Its radiant and cascading colors make it difficult for people to believe it is part of the world.

Most people think its magnificent look and scenic trails are worthy, neglecting the difficulty and danger it poses when trying to get to its top.

Many people don’t easily give up within the first few hours of climbing the mountain despite being tedious. Visitors like trekking to reach the beautiful mountain’s peak. Here are some of the 5 things you should know about Rainbow Mountain in Peru:

1. The Altitude Can Make You Sick
Altitude sickness is common, hence preparations should be done prior to trekking. Feeling nauseous, headaches and dizziness are common symptoms hikers often experience. Getting drunk, feeling lonely and having hangovers are also common.

Take precautions and medication to compress your condition, altitude sickness. Some people also believe that coca, tea and leaves can also help treat the sickness.

2. The Weather is Extreme
Hailstorms, snowstorms as well as sunburns are some of the major weather problems people hiking on the mountain experience. Weather conditions in the mountain change dramatically during your several hour hiking process.

During morning hours, you would feel like you are freezing. In the afternoon, you’d want to taking off your clothes as it gets hot. In the evening, hail storms and snowstorms are common with muddy ground, making hiking conditions awful.

3. Don’t Get Drunk a Night Before the Trek
If you plan to go on a Rainbow Mountain hike the following day, don’t get drunk the night before. You will need to get enough sleep before the hike because drinking would make you stay awake for a long time as you have fun.

Taking alcoholic drinks in such altitudes can make you pass out, resulting in one of the most terrible experiences of your life. Hikes are meant to give you some of the most memorable moments of your life. Therefore, avoid drinking alcohol the previous day and/or night.

4. It Was Discovered Due to Climate Change
Rainbow Mountain Peru was initially covered in snow and ice. The ice melted and incredible colors revealed on the mountain. Climate change revealed the beauty of the mountain once covered in ice for thousands of years.

5. Entry point is through Lima
Entry point into Peru is through Lima. You can also fly from Lima, especially if you are on a strict schedule. If saving money is important, travel by bus to the mountain.

A bus ride would take you through amazing popular sceneries such as the Huacachina desert oasis, home to Islas Ballestas, the Nazca lines, Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca. Bus travels are easier, safer and fun.

Rainbow Mountain is one of the most breathtaking and magnificent sites you’d want in your bucket list. It offers one of the most difficult hikes to complete.

Its altitude and weather conditions make hiking difficult, a process not for the faint-hearted. Overcoming all the difficulties and challenges the mountain poses is worth your time and money.