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SHA Wellness Clinic: global pioneer of integrated medical wellness

Located in Alicante, SHA Wellness Clinic is a global pioneer of integrated medical and holistic wellness, and one of Europe’s leading medical resorts. Since opening in 2008, the property’s team of certified medical and wellness experts have successfully merged ancient philosophies with the latest advances in Western medicine to generate scientifically proven results and become a world-leading authority on preventative health.

SHA Wellness Clinic offers five health programmes and four focused packs, targeting some of the world’s most prevalent lifestyle illnesses, from detoxification and sleep recovery to stress management and healthy ageing. Guests have access to over 30 full-time doctors, and specialists who work with cutting-edge technology. This scientific approach is integrated with an array of natural therapies, such as Traditional Chinese medicine, as well as a personalised nutrition plan aligned with the World Health Organisation, Harvard Medical School, to form the SHA’s 360-degree Method. 

The health programmes include:
o DETOX – a complete body cleansing
o OPTIMAL WEIGHT– a healthy and constant weight reduction
o INTENSIVE – the perfect combination for wellness
o HEALTHY AGEING – Slow down biological ageing for a longer and fuller life
o REBALANCE – an approach to a healthier world

The focused Pack, that can be included when purchasing the Rebalance health programme are:
o SLEEP RECOVERY – re-establishing of restful sleep by natural means
o ANTI-TOBACCO – stop smoking and avoid relapses
o STRESS MANAGEMENT – recovering inner balance
o GUT HEALTH - to maintain a healthy gut

In addition to medical benefits, guests of SHA Wellness Clinic are also treated to premium hospitality and a beautiful setting to relax and rejuvenate. SHA sits on a mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Helada Natural Park - one of Spain ́s foremost ornithological reserves. The area ́s mild microclimate, recognised by the World Health Organisation as one of the world’s best, is an important factor for maintaining optimum health. The 93 suites and 11 SHA Residences are strikingly minimalist and sleek, with first-class facilities.

In recent years, there has been a strong evolution in the number of wellness consumers. When SHA was launched over 10 years ago, none have talked about wellness. Nowadays there has been an increase in travellers in the wellness industry - those who chase a transformative experience rather than a pampering experience. People are also looking for a more comprehensive experience nowadays. Until now, most properties offered fitness, holistic or an anti-ageing approach as something that was part of the equation. Nowadays people are demanding a integrative solution to improve their health and general wellbeing. SHA encompasses all of this. 

The SHA 360 Degree Method is the brainchild of Alfredo Bataller Parietti, whose vision was to open a wellness clinic that could treat major illnesses with a fusion of ancient Eastern philosophy and cutting-edge Western techniques, alongside a nutritious diet.  Offering the most outstanding, internationally renowned experts in nutrition, preventive medicine, anti-ageing, genetics, holistic medicine, dermo aesthetic medicine, regenerative medicine, revitalizing medicine, fitness, and cognitive stimulation, among others. They all work together to create our SHA Method, based on the integrative medicine.

SHA Wellness Clinic also offers guests the chance to partake in the Healthy Living Academy, which aims to teach guests how to begin and maintain healthy habits in their daily life. These complimentary group classes come in the form of workshops, talks, activities, cooking classes, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and among others, to provide guests with the necessary tools and knowledge to continue with their new healthy lifestyle.