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BTN spotlight: SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic is a pioneer of integrated medical and holistic wellness, and one of Europe’s leading medical resorts. BTN catches up with SHA Wellness’s Vice President,  Alejandro Bataller, who discusses the Spanish brand’s expansion into Mexico and the UAE.

BTN: What was the inspiration behind SHA Wellness Clinic?
AB: The inspiration behind SHA Wellness Clinic was the transformative experience of its founder, Mr Alfredo Bataller Parietti, recovering his health after many years suffering with health issues thanks to changing his diet and lifestyle. He met a doctor who had a great understanding of nutrition and natural therapies, and who enabled him to regain his health.

BTN: What is SHA’s approach to helping people live longer and better?
AB: Since its opening in 2008, preventive medicine is SHA’s philosophy to become a world-class reference due to its integrative and comprehensive approach, merging with a perfect coordination the most effective techniques from both scientific and holistic medicine to achieve and maintain optimal health regardless of life’s stages.

BTN: What is the SHA integrative method?
AB: The SHA method brings together the latest advances in scientific medicine and the most effective natural therapies in a highly coordinated way multiplying the effects that these therapies would have applied individually. We give special prominence to a healthy and balanced nutrition.  SHA counts with internationally renowned experts on each field from nutrition, preventive medicine, anti-aging, genetics, holistic medicine, regenerative medicine, revitalizing medicine to many more.


BTN: SHA Wellness Clinic has been nominated as ‘World’s Best Wellness Clinic’ in the World Spa Awards 2022 – what are your main attributes which have led to your nomination?
AB: Since our opening, we have transformed the lives of more than 65,000 people around the world.
Those who come to us rely on our experience and know-how from three different perspectives:
• Innovation. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our team of experts is constantly evolving; collaborating with research institutions and universities to ensure that SHA is always at the forefront of medicine. Every year we incorporate cutting-edge, clinically proven, and effective treatments and therapies.
• Sustainability. Our philosophy is based on the principle of sustainability, this is now fashionable, but since our foundation we knew that to be good with oneself we must be in harmony with the environment, that is why SHA’s nutrition is based on the intake of fruit and vegetables mainly, no meat consumption. And always local foods. Of course, we continue to make improvements in this aspect.
• Our values. We genuinely care for our guests and community, as well as the planet and our resources. Always performing with excellence, making it a habit.
• Integrative medicine approach, which I have already talked about before. And without a doubt, it is, as I have said, the key to our success and the good results obtained by our guests during their stay.

BTN: What sort of recovery have we seen in Spain’s spa and wellness sector as the nation rebounds from the pandemic?
AB: People are now more aware than ever of the importance of their health, recognizing that health is our main capital. There is no doubt that there has been an increase in demand for wellness tourism. Within it, we have seen a strong increase in all things related to regain optimal health, strengthen the immune system and mental wellbeing.

BTN: What can we expect from the new SHA Emirates?
AB: SHA Emirates will represent the ideal destination for transformative wellness and healthy living. It will be open in 2024, and it will be located inside the beautiful Aljurf in Sahel al Emarat, will be the first healthy living island in The Middle East, based on a global integrative health and wellness approach. The 80% of our offer will remain the same as the one we have in Spain and which we have been perfecting throughout the decade. The remaining 20% will be adapted to the Arab market leveraging its culture, heritage, local expertise and creating signature areas. The offer will be the same in terms of the SHA Method and type of health programs. Our aim is to offer the most outstanding therapies in nutrition, preventive medicine, anti-ageing, genetics, holistic medicine, regenerative medicine, and revitalizing medicine, as we have always done, but tailored to the market and its needs.

BTN: And how about the new SHA Mexico?
AB: SHA Wellness Clinic will debut the world’s healthiest residences in 2023, with the opening of SHA Mexico.

After 14 years of being an international reference in health and wellness through its current location in Spain, SHA will expand internationally, opening the second property in a paradisiacal spot in Mexico, in the state of Quintana Roo, in a quiet and paradisiacal setting in front of Isla Mujeres, just 30 minutes from Cancun International Airport. It will have 7 hectares of native nature, where it will be integrated with the exuberant flora and fauna of the area, and with nearly half a kilometre of white sandy beach. The most important coral reef in the northern hemisphere is located in front of its beaches.

The SHA building will rise in different heights surrounded by gardens that will integrate it into the environment. True to its principles of sustainability, the property will minimise its environmental impact using mostly natural materials for the architecture and the organic design and renewable energy. There will be 100 suites, and 31 Private Residences, all with frontal sea views.

The SHA Mexico Residences are the first chapter in this ground-breaking move, offering a complete immersion into the SHA lifestyle. Available to just 31 owners, privileges include permanent access to the clinic’s cutting-edge facilities, with the added exclusivity of a private residence. This game-changing move into property ensures SHA Mexico is the destination of choice for consumers seeking a long-term integration of health and lifestyle.