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Places to visit at chapel hill

Places to visit at chapel hill

With such an energetic and vibrant atmosphere, it’s no wonder why Chapel Hill is easily one of the most popular destinations in North Carolina.

Whether you’re a prospective University of North Carolina student who just signed a lease to one of the many unique Chapel Hill apartments or are just looking to visit this fun city, here’s a list of places you need to check out while visiting.

The University of North Carolina
A college that is focused on education, community, and history with dozens of attractions to explore. From basketball museums, community gardens, performing arts centers, and quite a bit more. When visiting UNC, stopping at the UNC Visitors Center will provide you with the best guidance on where to begin your exploration of the campus.

North Carolina Botanical Garden
For those looking to smell the roses or simply enjoy beautiful views of acres of gardens and plant displays when visiting UNC you can also find this botanical garden on site. There are also numerous education exhibits, nature trails, and insight about the plants and vegetation found in North Carolina.

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center
Also located on the campus of UNC is one of the nation’s oldest and largest planetariums. Initially, the planetarium was opened specifically for celestial navigation training for astronauts. Morehead Planetarium has various exhibits, educational programs, and other clubs for children to dive into.

Kidzu Children’s Museum
On a rainy day when some outdoor attractions aren’t ideal, bringing the kids to Kidzu is the perfect place to spend the day. This museum is focused on hands-on exhibits for children to encourage learning yet fun at the same time. Features such as a large-scale climbing wall, the Forest Theater for performing arts, a tree house to explore, or Farm to Fork where children can learn all about healthy foods that are grown locally are just a few of the fun activities Kidzu has to offer.

UNC Finley Golf Course
From beginners to touring professionals, all levels of golfers are welcomed. This Par 72 18-hole course has a great layout, as well as, a clubhouse with a restaurant and bar to dine at afterwards.

When planning a trip to Chapel Hill, don’t forget to do your research. With so many fun places to explore you don’t want to miss out on any experiences that really catch your interest. While these places are some of the top attractions in this popular city, there’s so much more to offer in Chapel Hill so try not to limit yourself to only a day or two.